Tarot Town Figure Collection

Collect twenty-two 34mm figures based on the Tarot Major Arcana.

A new world for Tarot opens up with the release of each collectable 34mm figure building to a complete set of 22 tarot figures.

Conceived & Designed by leading tarot authors and teachers Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, sculpted by leading gaming sculptor Lux Thantor, this is the first time Tarot has been realised in this unique manner – so the set is likely to become highly collectable.

The figures are inspired by the classic tarot novel The Greater Trumps (1932) by Charles Williams (1886 – 1945). They derive from descriptions in the novel itself, Waite-Smith icongraphy, European occultism, and selected Tarot de Marseilles and early Visconti Tarot designs.

As Charles Williams was a member of the F.R.C., A. E. Waite’s spiritual fellowship, we have also drawn on our research in that area (see Abiding in the Sanctuary) for the nature of the designs and their use in magical practice.

Available NOW … Fool + Magician + High Priestess + Empress + Emperor + Hierophant + Lovers + Chariot + Strength + Hermit + Wheel + Justice + Hanged Man +  Death + Temperance + Devil + Blasted Tower + Star + Moon + Sun (in production)

Next available … LAST JUDGEMENT + WORLD

The final figure of the World is now being sculpted & will complete the set by December 2020.

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Each figure is released approx. every two months at $14.99 per figure (including worldwide postage) and you will also receive an exclusive Arcana3D PDF with every figure.

The Arcana3D will provide you innovative and powerful methods to use your figures with your tarot cards (or without) in magick, play and mystery.

Your figures and set of pamphlets will build up over time to provide a complete grimoire based on a new system of tarot magick.

These figures are also optional components in the world of ARKARTIA and are planned to provide owners unique functionality within that site.

You might chose to simply collect the set as a craft project, talking point or to attract people to your reading table at events, faires and markets.

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Emperor Tarot Figure Sculpt 200x300



The Lovers figure is a stylised design of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, wrapped with a Serpent. This carries the symbolism of choice, self-awareness and temptation in the card.






Justice Tarot Figure







Once the collection is complete, we aim to release a special collectors box and bonus figures including a commemorative Pamela Colman Smith & A.E. Waite pair, an Aleister Crowley & Frieda Harris duo, etc.

Other artifacts will be made available throughout 2020-2021.


Tarot Figures Painted

We recommend a kit such as the Army Painter Mega Kit which contains brushes and paints.

There are many fantastic video tutorials on Youtube for every level of skill and interest if you wish to paint your figures in detail. Here is a simple method using just 6 colours.

For very detailed work, we suggest a helping hand magnifier and a good dimmable LED light.

* Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, figures distributed from UK & US. P&P charges are included in the individual figure cost and are reflective of our experience of worldwide distribution & delivery issues.

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